Overwatch Winter Update Brings Festive, Furry Skins, But Little Else

By Nathan Grayson on at

Overwatch’s annual Winter Wonderland event is back, which means snowball fights, festive cheer, and yetis or whatever, but mostly skins. This year, everyone is a furry, except for Mercy, who’s a World of Warcraft elf.

Here’s everybody in their new holiday duds:

Personally, I’m a pretty big fan of Junkrat’s Krampus look, but everything else strikes me as kind of meh. Then again, maybe I’m just feeling Grinch-y about Blizzard’s decision to ring in the holidays with the same old maps and modes as last year. Mei’s Snowball Offensive and Yeti Hunter are the kind of novelties that get old fast, so I’ll probably pass on them this year. Plus, Widowmaker’s new skin makes me badly want a Widowmaker snowboard minigame where you also have to headshot people. So you know, that one’s on the house, Blizzard.

That said, Torbjorn’s new emote—which sees him open a gift box to find a bundle of bouncing baby turrets—practically justifies the event all on its own.

My cold, terrible heart: it is melted.