Fortnite Season 7 Has Arrived, Bringing With it a Creative Cold Breeze

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As of this morning, Fortnite season 7 is now live, and as ever a new season of Fortnite means a drastic change to the map, themes, and content of the game. With us now solidly into the Christmas period, we've seen the map overhauled to a winter wonderland to help us feel festive throughout the winter.

The season 7 battle pass, which is live now, brings with it brand new costumes, several of which will unlock visual changes as you progress through the pass, as well as cosmetic unlocks for new pets, gliders, pickaxes, and wraps to change the colour of outfits and vehicles. Some of the new outfits include dressing like a yeti, or going out in just your PJs.

Additionally, if you buy the season 7 battle pass at launch, you'll get instant access to Fortnite's new creative mode a week ahead of other players.

So, what is this Creative Mode that the battle pass gets you early access to? Well, leaked accidentally earlier this week, and believed by many to have been planned as a reveal at The Game Awards, Creative Mode allows Fortnite players to create private servers, customise an island (up to a set memory limit to avoid crashes), set up game rules, then play custom matches with their friends in those environments. It has a distinct Minecraft vibe, but with Fortnite's robust competitive rulesets to play with, and stands out as a unique feature among the big battle royale games.

Those not picking up the battle pass can get access to Creative Mode on December 13th. For anyone wondering, yes, creative is coming to all systems, including those which do not support Save the World mode.

Also, a warning, the teaser trailer states "the initial release will be rough", which is rare for marketing material. Guesses are this is due to it releasing ahead of planned schedule to get on top of the leak, but it does suggest you might pay for early access, then have potential issues actually playing with the mode.

In terms of new content for season 7, one of the biggest additions is the introduction of planes as a new vehicle type in Battle Royale. The X-4 Stormwing Plane has a single pilot seat, and can carry up to four teammates on its wings, flying over the map to rain down bullets from above. It can boost, air brake, barrel roll, turn sharply, and has an automatic firing gun that has no ammo limit, but can overheat.

Beyond that, the Battle Royale map has undergone a series of changes. While we've been unable at this time to get online and check them out, the patch notes list the new map as featuring an iceberg biome, new locations Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, and Happy Hamlet. Some water on the map has also frozen over, allowing fast but slippery movement.

There's a few other changes and bug fixes, and if you want to get into those specific details you can read the full patch notes here.