That Christmas Tree Video Game From Kings Cross Station Needs a New Home

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you regularly travel through London's larger train stations, last year you may have noticed a large interactive video game in the shape of a Christmas tree plonked prominently in the centre of King's Cross Station.

The game was Line Wobbler. Described as a 1D dungeon crawler, it involved using one of those wobbly door stoppers to lead an LED light along a string of coloured LEDs, avoiding dangerous enemy lights, wobbling to attack, and clearing through levels by reaching the end of the string. It has existed for a good five or more years in one form or another, and the Christmas tree version served as a fun interactive art piece for the train station – it was beautiful to look at, but also fun for passing travellers to play with. The game has popped up in a number of other places too, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Apparently Line Wobbler will not be returning to Kings Cross this year, as its creator has announced via tweet that this large instillation for the game is in need of upkeep, and a new home.

The large feature piece has spent most of this year in storage, which is no longer viable, and will need repairing and transporting by its new potential owner. While no payment or specific requirements for its new owner are mentioned in the tweet, it's likely the developer will want to be confident it's going to a home where it can be properly taken care of.

As one of the few video games to ever become a prominent feature in a major UK landmark, it's quite a collector's item, and would be a shame to see end up landfilled for lack of storage solution. If you're the person with the knowhow to look after it and a huge space to keep it, maybe it could end up living with you.