Fortnite Creative Mode Officially Announced, Launching Tomorrow for Battle Pass Owners

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Earlier today, a YouTube video that was uploaded too early revealed to the world the existence of Fortnite Creative Mode. Presumably planned as a surprise reveal during The Game Awards, the new mode is a third mode outside of Battle Royale and Save the World, where players will be able to craft and create their own island, before inviting their friends to play matches in those custom designed worlds.

Since the leaked video that revealed the mode was so clearly real, and seen by so many people, Epic appears to have moved ahead the timing of their announcement, and is actually launching the new mode tomorrow for some players.

Tomorrow kicks off season 7 of Fortnite, which is taking the world map to a far colder place, and those who pick up the season 7 battle pass will gain immediate access to Creative Mode. If you'd rather play without spending money, free players will have access to it from 13th December.

This new mode looks like a really big deal for Fortnite, allowing user-generated content to further expand the experience beyond Epic's own weekly updates. It'll be interesting to see exactly how this works, and what people are able to do with it, once it's out in the wild.