THQ Nordic Now Owns The Carmageddon IP

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over the past couple of years, publisher THQ Nordic has acquired a large number of older IP that we've not seen new games from in years. Back in August, THQ Nordic acquired the Timesplitters IP, in September it acquired the Kingdoms of Amalur rights, and now it also has the rights to Carmageddon.

Carmageddon is a series of vehicle combat games which first began with a PC game in 1997. Players would race against a time limit, and while you could win the race by coming first, you could also win by destroying all other cars in the race, or killing all pedestrians on the course with your car. When the game first released in the late 90s, some countries – including the UK – replaced human pedestrians with zombies and robots due to BBFC regulations regarding video game violence, but this was changed a little after release.

This acquisition by itself isn't an announcement of a new Carmageddon game, but it makes sense that a game publisher would pick up rights to a game series in order to make a new entry. We can likely expect a new Carmageddon game from THQ Nordic some time down the line, even if we should probably expect to wait quite some time to see it surface.