Al Lowe is Selling The Original Leisure Suit Larry Source Code

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you've got a bit of extra money lying around in the run up for Christmas, and fancy treating yourself to a piece of gaming history, there's currently an opportunity for just that. Al Lowe, who worked at Sierra back in the day and was responsible for many of the franchises that caused the company to grow, is currently putting a lot of his stuff on eBay. There are some real gems to be had if you've got the money.

Most notable of the items up for sale is the original source code for Leisure Suit Larry and Leisure Suit Larry 2, both of which were used to create all future copies of the games. Lowe is clear to point out in the listing that you're not buying the rights to sell copies of the game – the IP rights belong currently to a German developer making a new Larry game – but it's a piece of history that you could potentially own. Providing you've got deep pockets, that is. With a week still to go, the source code for Leisure Suit Larry is currently at $10,100 – just shy of £8,000.

You can see the items Lowe is selling here.