Borderlands 2 VR Will Be a PS4 Exclusive For At Least Five Months

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Borderlands 2 VR was first announced back in October. While we all just sort of assumed that it would eventually come to PC-based VR platforms, PSVR was all that was announced at the time.

Today, thanks to a surprisingly straightforward trailer, we now know that Borderlands 2 VR will likely be coming to other VR headsets – but not for at least five months after the PS4 release. Look out for a little statement near the end of this new trailer for the game:

"Borderlands 2 VR is exclusive to PSVR for a minimum of five months from launch"

It's a very cut and dry statement, which is a rarity with these kinds of exclusivity deals. Borderlands 2 VR is coming to PSVR on December 14th 2018, so it'll come to PC mid-May 2019 at the earliest.