A Wild Tweet Teasing PvP Battles in Pokémon Go Has Appeared!

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Back when Pokémon Go was first revealed almost two and a half years ago, one of the first features teased in the CGI trailer for the game was PvP battles. The idea, that players could use their captured Pokémon to battle other players, has always been appealing, but it's just never come to fruition. Until now, it would seem.

After years of teases and promises that PbP battles were on the way, a tweet today from developer Niantic finally seems to show that the new competitive battle mode is nearly ready to launch.

The above image in the tweet seems to show a player encountering another player for a PvP battle. The shocked face emoji in the tweet is probably how a lot of players feel finally seeing this, and the question now is when the feature will drop.

Starting at 7pm UK tonight, a three-day long event is going to see all community day Pokémon brought back to the game for a limited time, which is likely to get a lot of trainers out and catching. While we have no confirmation that PvP is anywhere near that close to launching, it is fun to imagine trainers waking up tomorrow and being able to battle while they hunt for shiny creatures.

We have reached out to Niantic for comment, and will update if we get a response.