For One Weekend, Pokémon Go is Bringing Back Every Shiny Community Pokémon You May Have Missed

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Since January 2018, Pokémon Go has hosted regular community days, where a single Pokémon spawns more commonly, can be found in shiny varieties more often, and can often be caught with a special unique move known. This weekend sees December start to roll in, and the arrival of the final Pokémon Go community day of the year, which will act as a way to catch up on any shiny spots you missed out on in your collection.

Starting on Friday November 30th at 9pm UK and ending Monday December 3rd at 7am, this community "day" will last for nearly three days rather than the standard three hours, and will act as a way for players who missed previous events to find those rare creatures with a higher frequency.

For those who've forgotten which creatures we've had in community day events this year, you'll be able to find Pikachu with Surf, Dratini with Draco Meteor, Bulbasaur with Plant Frenzy, Mareep with Dragon Pulse, Charmander with Blast Burn, Larvitar with Smack Down, Squirtle with Hydro Canon, Eevee with Last Resort, Chickorita with Plant Frenzy, Beldum with Meteor Smash, and Cyndaquill with Blast Burn. Some of these Pokémon will only learn these moves if fully evolved during the community event, but those that know the move in their base form like Pikachu will lose moves like surf if evolved, so keep that in mind.


If you're a Pokémon Let's Go player hoping to use the community day as a chance to add some value to your Switch collection, there are a couple of important pieces of information to keep in mind. Shiny Pokémon caught on community day in Go will stay shiny in Let's Go, however any special community day moves they know will unfortunately be lost in the transfer. While you can use this weekend to grab a shiny Pikachu, you can't use this event to get a Pikachu that knows Surf in Let's Go. That's not a huge problem if you picked up Let's Go Pikachu and your buddy learned Splishy Splashy, but it's a disappointment for Let's Go Eevee players. This is also a good time to remind you that Pokémon wearing special items of clothing in Go, like Squirtle in sunglasses or Pikachu in a hat, cannot be transfered to Let's Go. Additionally, only Gen 1 creatures can be transferred, so only six of these shiny beasts will be able to be accessed on Switch.

Lastly, for three hours on Saturday December 1st from 10am until 1pm UK, you'll get a few extra bonuses, like double catching XP, double stardust, and eggs will hatch twice as quickly.

So, if you've missed a spot in your collection, or just want spare shiny creatures for Let's Go, this weekend seems to be your best bet.