Bethesda Acknowledges Cheap Fallout Nylon Bags, Offers £4 in Fake Money as Compensation

By Laura Kate Dale on at

A few weeks after the launch of Fallout 76 itself, the past day or so has seen the arrival of copies of Fallout 76's expensive Power Armour Edition: and big-spending fans are not happy.

The problem with the Power Armour Edition of Fallout 76 – other than that it was so late Bethesda had to email out digital download codes to players – is mainly the quality of an advertised canvas bag. As we've already reported, Bethesda advertised the bag as being a high-quality item made of canvas material, but what ultimately arrived was a far cheaper and less impressive nylon bag.

Considering the edition's £175 price tag, consumers were not best pleased. They were even more annoyed when claims started to circulate claiming that Bethesda had knowingly changed the material to save costs, and had no plans to fix the problem or notify consumers.

Bethesda has now acknowledged the issue on its Twitter account, confirming the change to a cheaper material and offering a small apology to consumers.

Atoms are Fallout 76's in-game currency. They are also, coincidentally, the smallest constituent of ordinary matter in the world.

The apology wants players to contact Bethesda about being unhappy, and show proof of purchase, for their 500 atoms. It's not an automatic bonus and the apology gift works out at a grand total of around £4. As some wags have pointed out on Twitter, this is not enough in-game currency to purchase the Post Man skin, which would at least provide players with an in-game canvas bag.

Most of the responses on Reddit to the apology indicate that folk are now even more annoyed, as much for the fact of Bethesda not informing them of the change as the miserly in-game compensation now offered. Perhaps Bethesda's taking all this survivalist stuff a bit seriously: it's in a hole, and just keeps on digging.