Hideo Kojima is Toting Around a Cast of Norman Reedus' Head Like Some Lovestruck Supervillain

By Rich Stanton on at

Hideo Kojima's 'I'm wacky me' schtick around Death Stranding occasionally threatens to get tiresome, but the purity of affection he holds for actor Norman Reedus is hard to deny. The game's first teaser began with a naked Reedus. Kojima's subsequently dressed up as Sam, Reedus' character. Sony Interactive Entertainment, which has a significant amount of cash invested in a happy Kojima producing a great game, certainly saw which way the wind was blowing, and so brought him an offering of Reedus' head.

Nice to see Kojima's top priority was getting the Kojima Productions cap on there. Make Metal Gear great again! Now there's a hat I'd buy.

It brings to mind Lord Byron's use of a skull as a drinking vessel, and his later seeking to acquire the skull of fellow Romantic and friend, Percy Shelley, for a similar purpose (Edward Trelawny stopped this by retaining only a fragment, which is now supposedly in the New York Public Library). Indeed Byron makes Kojima look like a bit of an amateur: get a handle welded onto it Koj, and you can enjoy a fresh brew from Reedus' brain cavity every morning.

The game itself? It gets weirder every time we see it. The latest official release is this trailer that closed out September's Tokyo Game Show, which stars a very golden Troy Baker. Where's the cast of your skull, eh Troy? Says it all.