Here's Pokemon Let's Go Running On PC Using A Nintendo Switch Emulator

By Logan Booker on at

Emulator development is tireless work, full of compromises, trial and error and endless optimisation. Which makes Yuzu — an experimental emulator for the Nintendo Switch — all the more impressive, especially when you consider it can run the just-released Pokemon Let's Go with a great deal of accuracy.

As you can see from the video, the game runs surprisingly well, if you can get past the audio glitches that lend the game a creepy carnival feel. There's also the issue of the text, which is completely unreadable.

Does it need a lot of work? For sure. But that doesn't make this any less amazing.

If you'd like to check Yuzu out, you can download builds from the official website. While it's cross-platform, only Windows binaries are available.

Also note that Pokemon Let's Go is running on Yuzu's "Canary" build, which incorporates the most recent fixes and improvements, but is potentially less stable.

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