Rare's Red-Hot Doggoes Are the Ultimate Christmas Stocking Filler

By Rich Stanton on at

One of the criteria by which I silently judge people is dogs. Anyone who doesn't like dogs, who's a bit sniffy about giving those good bois a pet or tossing a ball for them to chase... you can't trust 'em mate. A human being that doesn't like dogs is a mean thing.

Novelty calendars on the other hand I can take or leave. I'm not particularly interested in seeing West Mercia's emergency services get their kit off, or the various lineups of suspiciously good-looking farmers / florists / train drivers doing their own version of the Full Monty with a pot plant.

Thing is, dogs are SO great that they can even elevate the novelty calendar. And that's what Rare has done; rather than encouraging a bunch of pasty programmers to strike a pose, the British studio is highlighting the various pooches owned by staff. Wise move for all sorts of reasons. If that's not enough to have your debit card positively flipping out of your pocket, all of the profits go to the charity Special Effect, which helps adults and children with disabilities enjoy gaming.

The price is £9.99! That's less than a tenner, pooch-pickers! The perfect gift for that miserable old sod in your life who insists Rare hasn't been the same since Microsoft bought it. Shut up granddad and get these dogs on your wall! Just look at Bailey. It's a poodle dressed up as a pirate, and it doesn't get better than that.