One Man's Quest to Get Home a Giant Snorlax Captures the Challenge of Pokémon

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Have you ever been drunk, sat at your computer, and decided that you just absolutely need to own a pointless item? Well, that's what happened to a gamer named Callum when he spotted a gigantic Snorlax plush on the internet and just had to have it. He drunkenly ordered it, had it shipped to a friend in America, and it wasn't until later that realisation of what he had done arrived.

See, this Snorlax plush was gigantic, it was huge and heavy. Don't get me wrong, it looks amazing and I desperately want one too, the problem was to ship it from America back to England was going to cost $1,000. So, this trainer knew where a strong powerful huge rare Pokémon was hiding, he just had to work out how to get it from San Fransisco to his home collection. This was a challenge fit for any serious trainer.

The whole Twitter thread is worth reading, but in short Callum ended up flying to San Fransisco, then onwards to Atlanta for an event called Dreamhack, then back home to the UK. Snorlax fought to escape the cardboard box acting as his Pokéball, had a run in with the TSA who nearly used a knife to end his trip prematurely, and was less pristinely protected by the time he arrived home. Still, he arrived. Callum successfully got his gigantic Snorlax.

So, next time you feel proud of the lengths you took in order to get a rare new Pokémon, take a moment to remember another trainer who had to work hard in their quest to be the very best.