Adidas' Latest Dragon Ball Trainers Are Over 9000

By Luke Plunkett on at

Because the shoes themselves have mostly been trash, Adidas has been leaning on gimmicks to try and make their big line of Dragon Ball trainers more appealing. The latest example being these Vegeta kicks.

Based on the Adidas Ultra Tech, and featuring Vegeta’s colour scheme, here’s what they look like from the side:

I would not buy these for my five-year-old.

To try and salvage things, Adidas resorted to sticking a giant embroidered meme on the back:

Photo: 43einhalb

Which for die-hard fans might be...something they’d be interested in?

With most of the shoes now out, and with Game of Thrones coming in early 2019, we’re nearly at the end of this Dragon Ball run. Now bring us the Shenrons—the only good designs of the lot—and we can all get on with our lives.

These will be out 24 November, and go for £140.