Overwatch's New Update, Live Now, Requires a Full Reinstall to Add Hero Ashe

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As of today, Overwatch patch 1.30 is now live, meaning that the game's newest hero Ashe is no longer just for preview build players, and now available to everyone. However, adding her to the game is going to be a little more cumbersome than your every day Overwatch patch.

Overwatch has been available for around two and a half years now, and according to Blizzard the number of patches made to the game over time, plus the list of new updates to streamline and optimise the game in this new patch, are just a little too much. As a result, players will have to reinstall the entire game in order to keep playing.

Blizzard warns that the download to reinstall the updated game is around 20GB, a bit less if you have the PTR install, and could at times show as having a 0kb/s download speed. They say this is normal, and not to panic and cancel the download unless you're sure you're having internet connection issues.

New hero Ashe won't be available in competitive play for two weeks following this update, so you'll have to jump into Quick if you want a chance to try out the new character and see what they are all about. Ashe primarily uses a lever-action rifle called the Viper, and has a high impact secondary shotgun that can knock back enemies, or be used to provide Ashe with a burst of extra movement speed when needed. She throws around dynamite which can be manually detonated early with gunfire, and her ultimate is a big burly robot who can push through enemies and clear a path deeper into their zone.

You can read more about the balance tweaks and bug fixes in 1.30 by reading the full patch notes here.