How To Make Red Dead Redemption 2's Bear Stew

By Alex Walker on at

Recreating food from video games is one of my favourite ways to kill time. Enter Red Dead Redemption 2 and their bear stew.

Binging With Babish is great to watch at any time of day, and it's especially good today since the channel has opted to recreate Rockstar's bear stew. Babish has cooked all of this over an open fire, just as Arthur Morgan would enjoy, using a mix of basic vegetables, rabbit meat, bear meat, thyme, garlic, salt, bay leaves, and venison (aka deer).

It's a base of beef stock and crushed tomatoes (4 cups and 2 cups respectively). There's no mushrooms, which is a huge fail in my book, but it's a neat stew that you could easily do on the stove or the pressure cooker. I'd also add a bit of rosemary, but that's because I grew up with lots of it and I'll have rosemary in everything. Including dessert.

Babish has remade food from video games and film before, including the turkish delight from the Chronicles of Narnia films, Freddy's ribs from House of Cards, Chef's salty chocolate balls from South Park, and Remy's critic-winning dish from Ratatouille.