Watch a Nuke Get Launched in Fallout 76

By Laura Kate Dale on at

In Fallout 76, Bethesda's upcoming online-focused Fallout game, one of the big end game actions available to players will be firing nukes. Difficult and expensive to achieve, nukes are a goal to work towards in the full game, but at least one streamer has managed to pull it off before the game even releases.

Streamer FrenchTomahawk was playing the Fallout 76 Beta with just minutes to go before it went offline, and managed to successfully launch a nuke. It's our first proper look in game at what the fallout looks like up close, and it isn't lacking in debris and dust effects. We only wish we could have seen what it looked like from the other side, flying in fast towards a player.

Fallout 76 releases next Wednesday, so you won't have to wait long to try this for yourself. Whether you can manage it as quickly as this streamer did is another matter entirely.