Riot Games Trademarks 'Legends of Runeterra'

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Riot Games, developer of hugely popular MOBA League of Legends, has just filed a large number of trademarks, in a manner that has led to fans speculating about whether this is our first sniff of an upcoming game reveal.

Legends of Runeterra is the trademarked name, which sure sounds like a video game that the League of Legends developer might make. Not least because Runeterra is a location in League of Legends, so whatever this is it seems directly linked to Riot's existing universe.

The filing was first spotted by Reddit user ZileanPredicts, and seeks the trademark for electrical and scientific aparatus, paper goods and printed matter, leather goods, clothing, toys and sporting goods, advertising and business, telecommunications, education and entertainment, and computer and scientific categories.

Mmmm, leather goods. There are elements of the trademark notes that tie this more explicitly into video games: "arranging and conducting live competitions featuring video games... providing online video games... organizing live fan meetings and conferences with interactive gameplay between participants in the fields of gaming, video games and e-sports." The filings also reference being able to upload and share gameplay from a video game, and creating branded gaming hardware.

Before getting all excited, it's worth remembering: these are trademark filings. They may not necessarily refer to a new game, even if all the signs are pointing in that direction. Whatever it is, we'll likely know mor-a soon! Mor-a like mob-a, you know? Sheesh, tough crowd.