Beat Saber Now Has a Release Date on PSVR, And It’s Soon

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Beat Saber is easily one of this year's best VR games, arming players with a pair of laser swords and tasking them with slicing through music notes as they fly their way.

A PlayStation VR port of Beat Saber was announced back at E3, as one of Sony’s week of reveals running up to the show. No release date was given, and for a while the port seemed almost forgotten, but now we know when it’s coming.

Beat Saber is coming to PSVR on November 20th, and will bring with it five exclusive new tracks as part of its already solid soundtrack, according to an announcement from developer Beat Games.

So, if you’ve been craving a reason to dig out your VR headset from the cupboard, this should be all the reason you need, as Beat Saber is a stand out hit in this year’s VR releases.