After Baffling Players, The Quiet Man Gets an Update that Adds Sound

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Last week, Square Enix released The Quiet Man. An E3 reveal with an interesting premise, the game promised a mystery told entirely without audio, in which players would control a deaf protagonist.

Unfortunately, it's not very good. As Kotaku's own Heather Alexandra wrote: "I'm glad I played it, but I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy."

There's now a post-release patch available to players who have completed a silent playthrough that will, rather weirdly, add sound, and help to shed light on the mystery. The inspiration behind this patch may come from early players, including myself, finding the game incomprehensible without sound, due to odd decisions such as an unwillingness to show players text that the deaf protagonist is reading.

The Quiet Man: Answered is the name of the update which adds in sound and subtitles, and is available now on PS4 and PC. Below you can read Square Enix trying not to acknowledge that the game makes no sense without sound.

The story will bring light to the truth, and maybe even uproot the mystery that was thought to have been solved as if to say, “I knew nothing at all…”

The first version, that threw words away.

The second version, that brought words back in.

A story dramatically transformed.
This is the completed experience.
And so, with everyone, I want to ask this.

Can we really be strong to say we do not need words, even if we have them?

In a world overflowing with words, can we really find something beyond them?

The Quiet Man is available now on PC and PS4, and hopefully with this update I will come to understand why someone got killed over a pair of trainers.