Fallout 76 is Getting Official UK Postage Stamps

By Laura Kate Dale on at

The UK and worldwide launch of Fallout 76 is just over a week away, and with Bethesda busy fixing bugs that let players run inhumanly fast, here's some Fallout news that's a little more slow and methodical with how it gets around the world.

Working with the Isle of Man Post Office, UK and Europeon gamers will apparently be able to get official UK stamps with Fallout art on them, starting at some unspecified time in the near future. The stamps, which will be available either to purchase or via competitions, feature art of Vault Boy, the Fallout 76 logo, and power armour.

We don't know when these stamps are releasing, but it sounds like you'll probably be able to win them from competitions on Bethesda's social media channels in the coming weeks.