Tabletop MOBA Looks Damn Good, Weighs Almost 6 Kilos

By Alex Walker on at

Having already raised well beyond its original funding goal, Cloudspire is a MOBA-esque tower defence game that looks pretty bloody good.

With support for up to four players and a run time of approximately two hours, Cloudspiresplits players across the islands of Ankar. After arranging the hex-based map, players plop down their fortresses and begin purchasing spires (aka towers), minions, heroes and equipment, just like you would in a proper MOBA.

Action is turn-based, and each of the game's four factions are asymmetrical. Players have the choice to deploy minions individually or as a stack, which ensures that only the top unit in the stack takes damage.

You can see and hear a brief rundown of the game below:

It's a cool looking game! It's also massive: the entire box weighs almost 6kg, which explains why shipping is over £30. You'll also have to tack on an extra four to six weeks for delivery, meaning that local backers probably won't get this game until late August-early September 2019 at the absolute earliest.

Still, breaking a MOBA into a tabletop game is a neat idea. The components here look cool, and asymmetry in strategy games is always great if done well. You can read up more about Cloudspire on the official Kickstarter listing.

This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.