Red Dead Redemption 2 Has the Best Spinning NPCs in the West

By Rich Stanton on at

Red Dead Redemption 2 may well be the greatest video game released this year but, like any project on this scale, it has a few kinks. And I'm not just talking about the mysterious disappearance of meat. Twitter user 'callme_mok' (hello Mok) managed to capture a video at a point where the game... well. Let's just say it was enjoying some executive time.

Bugs like this are common in open world games, and the 'spinning character' phenomenon is something I'll forever associate with Fallout: New Vegas. I vividly remember, during my first session with that game, killing a radscorpion: which then began to slowly rotate on the ground. As it spun, nearby NPCs also began spinning. The pace of the spinning increased (as it does in this clip). Then, when everything nearby was spinning around at top speed, the radscorpion's corpse shot into the sky, and shortly thereafter everything else followed.

It's not the kind of feature you'd put on the back of the box, sure, but I have a lot of tolerance for silly bugs like this. A production like RDR2 is so awe-inspiring from some angles that, when you see this painstakingly constructed imaginarium collapse, it makes you respect the fact it's not doing this all the time. The adventures of Arthur Morgan may be quite transcendant but, as the character models begin to move like a washing machine's spin cycle, you remember he has feet of clay.