Pokémon Let's Go's Pokéball Plus Will Automatically Spin Pokéstops in Go

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you're a Pokémon Go player and planning to pick up Pokémon Let's Go soon on Switch, there's a hidden function of the new Pokéball Plus peripheral which might be very useful for trying to collect additional resources more easily.

The device, which can be used as a controller in Let's Go, has a number of additional features we already know about. You can store Pokémon inside it, you can use it as a Pokémon Go Plus peripheral, and you can use it to gain a Mew in Let's Go. However, that's not all it can do, according to news on Nintendo's Japanese website, and translated by the folks at Serebii.

Apparently, if you transfer a Pokémon from Let's Go into the Pokéball Plus, then connect the Pokéball to Pokémon Go and use it as a Go Plus peripheral, not only will your stored Pokémon collect special bonuses for you, but it will also spin any Pokéstops you pass automatically, without requiring you to click a button the way the Go Plus peripheral normally does.

I know that's a lot of games and peripherals with very similar names, but basically put a creature in the ball from your Switch game, and it'll automate some of the functions in Pokémon Go on your phone.

So, if you live or work in range of a Pokéstop, and want to just automatically stock up on items without having to remember to keep pressing a button, this is probably going to be the easiest way to keep a fully stocked inventory.