Pokémon Let's Go Won't Support Pro Controllers According to Japanese Website

By Laura Kate Dale on at

We all sort of knew this news was coming, but the first Pokémon game on the Switch will not support players using a Pro Controller for gameplay.

Yes, while Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee will support play via Joy-Cons, motion controls, touch screens, and even a toy Pokéball, the games will not support pro controllers when played at home, or anywhere in fact.

This confirmation comes from the Japanese eShop listing for the game, and while we're currently unclear on the reasoning for this choice, it certainly isn't the first motion control-focused Switch game to not support the pro controller. The recently released Super Mario Party featured a number of mini games focused on specific Joy-Con configurations, and as such did not support pro controllers.

This isn't a huge problem for me though – I am personally pumped to play a full video game using a Pokéball that shakes and makes sounds at me, because I am a child at heart.