Nintendo Switch Just Outsold Gamecube's Lifetime Sales

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Well now it's official: there are more Nintendo Switch consoles than Gamecubes in the world.

This news comes as part of Nintendo's latest financial earnings report, where sales figures for its hardware are revealed. The Switch has sold 22.86 million units up to September 30th 2018, which pushes it above the Gamecube's lifetime sales of 21.74 million units.

Switch sales have long-since passed the lifetime sales of the Wii U, which maxed out at 13.56 million units.

Nintendo is hoping to sell 20 million Switch units in this financial year, and has so far sold 5.07 million between April and September. While this means the system will need to sell much better in the second half of the year, the console is seeing a Pokémon and Smash Bros release for this Christmas season, which you'd expect to help considerably.

If Nintendo hits those sales targets for the Switch this fiscal year, it'll also surpass the N64's lifetime sales of 32.93 million units. You can check out the figures yourself on Nintendo's official financial report page.