Red Dead Redemption 2 Looks Its 4K Best on Xbox One X

By David Meikleham on at

Despite the fact its recent trailers showed the Wild West epic running on PS4 Pro, it turns out, Red Dead Redemption 2 actually looks and runs best on Xbox One X.

The pixel-analysing gurus over at Digitial Foundry have been putting Arthur Morgan's sandbox through its paces on both the Pro and X, as well as the base PS4 and Xbox One. Predictably, Team Green's supercharged console sits top of the pile, while the game is least sharp on Microsoft's base machine.

While the Xbox One X version of Red Dead outputs at a full-fat 4K, the Pro can't quite hit native Ultra HD. Instead, the open-world outlaw runs at 1920x2160, before using checkerboarding rendering to hit 4K. Bottom line: the X version is noticeably sharper in motion.

As for the two base consoles, PS4 definitely has the edge over Xbox One.

"As expected, pixel-counts on PlayStation 4 resolve at the de facto standard 1080p, while the Xbox One S - quantifiably the lowest quality experience - delivers just 864p. The effectiveness of Red Dead Redemption 2's temporal anti-aliasing scales in line with pixel-count so while PS4 passes muster, Xbox One S looks blurry and grainy, with a particular impact on the quality of foliage and shadow rendering."

As for performance, DF notes the Xbox One X version runs at a locked 30fps for the most part, while dips below that figure are more common on PS4 Pro. When it comes to the vanilla PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the hardware-focused site notes "performance is more variable in urban areas with the densest areas hitting the low 20s."

I've spent upwards of 80 hours with the X version over the last ten days or so. While I'm usually not one to board the Hyperbole Express, I genuinely think RDR2 is the best looking console game my beady peepers have ever seen. And I say that as a madman who regularly plays 4K PC games on a 2080 TI. It's an astonishingly pretty title, and one of the few games that has actually sold me on HDR.

Regardless of what console you're playing on, Arthur's incredible adventure is one hell of a video game.