Tiny Torbjorn Action Figure is Just The Right Size

By Mike Fahey on at

Normally when the folks at Good Smile Company create one of their big-headed Nendoroid figures, a little downscaling is involved. Not so with Torbjorn. Overwatch’s resident dwarven engineer was bite-sized to begin with. He’s conveniently cute.

That’s right, I called Torbjorn cute. I was afraid the tenth figure in GSC’s Overwatch Nendoroid line would turn out looking more like the horrifying Junkrat, but no. He’s adorable. Look at him riding his little turret!

Devastating firepower, or comfy chair? Why not both?

Armed with his hammer, rivet gun and armour pack, tiny Torbjorn is ready to drop a turret by the door and smack at it while it kills all of his opponents.

It’s the little metal loinplate that does it.

And should he need to go ultimate, he can swap out parts, put on his mask and go all Molten Core on their asses.

Tiny Torbjorn is now available for preorder at the Good Smile Company website, with a planned release of March 2019. That’s as fast as he can make it on his tiny plastic legs.