The First Photo of the Monster Hunter Movie Looks A Lot Like Resident Evil

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Currently undergoing principal photography, the long-rumoured Monster Hunter movie is finally in production, and an Instagram photo has given us our first look at the planned direction for the project.

Directed by Resident Evil movie director Paul W. S. Anderson, and starring Milla Jovovich and Diego Boneta, the movie sounds like it basically wants to combine Resident Evil and Dune. Here's what we know of the plot so far: a soldier from LA falls through a portal, comes to fight Monster Hunter monsters in a desert, then falls back through the portal to fight monsters near LAX Airport. And yes, that means probably fighting a Rathalos with a machine gun.

The above set photo was posted by Boneta to his personal Instagram, and presumably shows his character having left our world and arrived in the world of Monster Hunter.

Filming has been taking place in South Africa and Nambia, and from all signs it's likely going to be a lot like the Resident Evil movies: fun and brainless action, so long as you're not too hung up on it sticking closely to the video games.