Pokémon Go's Next Special Research Task Unlocks Spiritomb, Halloween Update Incoming

By Laura Kate Dale on at

With Halloween just a week away now, we're gearing up for Pokémon Go's 2018 Halloween event, and network data may have linked part of what that event includes.

Pokémon Go leaker Chrales has found evidence in network data of a number of new items coming to the game for Halloween, as well as a brand new special research task.

According to Chrales, in addition to the above new items, the game will soon be getting its first special research task not centred around a legendary Pokémon. In the core RPG games, Spiritomb is caught via a lengthy convoluted series of actions, which will seemingly be made a bit more simple in Go. In Pokémon Go, players will have to capture 108 Pokémon in order to encounter Spiritomb, a reference to the 108 souls which apparently have to combine to create the creature.

The network data info hasn't shown proof of any other new Pokémon, but many have suspected we will soon see a rollout for many of Gen 4's more creepy creatures for Halloween, including Mismagius and Drifblim which appear on clothing in the prior mentioned network data. While no date is set for the Halloween event to begin, many expect it to kick off tonight when Mewtwo leaves raid rotation.