Dead Cells Might Get an Android Port, According to a Google Play Listing

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Dead Cells is one of the most popular roguelike games of recent months, challenging players to progress through difficult combat-filled dungeons using precise controls to stay alive and collect permanent upgrade resources. Currently the game is only available for portable play on the Switch, but that may soon be about to change.

According to Android Police, a listing was spotted on Google Play over the weekend for Dead Cells. The listing is no longer active, but it linked players to a website where they could pre-register in order to be informed when Dead Cells became available on Android. Take with a pinch of salt of course, but it sure looks like this page was placed live too early then taken back down once the mistake was spotted.

The port was listed by developer and publisher Playdigious, rather than the original developer of the game Motion Twin. Playdigious already has several official games on Android. Motion Twin itself used to make mobile games, interestingly enough, though it's hardly surprising if it's decided to hand off porting responsibilities.