This Infinity Ward Job Listing Has Many Believing Next Gen Consoles are Coming in 2019

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Recently, discussion of next generation game consoles has been on the rise. At E3 Microsoft confirmed it is working on new hardware, earlier this week Sony acknowledged the need for next gen PlayStation hardware, and now a job listing has some people believing next gen consoles are only a year away.

So, let's summarise this situation. For the last few years, Call of Duty games have been released in an annual cycle between three developers, going from Treyarch, to Infinity Ward, to Sledgehammer Games. There's nothing official to say this structure has to remain unchanged, but it is a pattern we've not seen broken for a while. This year, Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII is being released by Treyarch, which has led many to assume next year Infinity Ward will be releasing their next Call of Duty.

With that context, a recent job listing for a role at Infinity Ward as an associate game designer has caught our attention:

"Come work with the game industry’s brightest on an exciting, unannounced next-gen title"

While many have assumed that this means Call of Duty 2019 will release on next gen consoles, it is important to note that we don't know for certain that the next Call of Duty will release in 2019, that it will be Infinity Ward's game, or that the company is not working on more than one project. It is entirely possible that Infinity Ward is working on a current-gen Call of Duty title, alongside starting the groundwork for a next gen project.

Still, any mention of a developer ramping up for next gen games is interesting, and given the proximity to Microsoft and Sony announcing their intention to work on new hardware, it's hard not to imagine that the next generation of systems might be closer to release than many expected.