All The Info on Mysterious New Pokémon Meltan

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over the past few weeks, Pokémon Go has been the origin of a series of mysterious events surrounding a brand new Pokémon called Meltan. A small metal blob with a bolt for a head, this creature first showed up in network traffic, then spawned in huge numbers following Chikorita Community Day only to transform into a Ditto when caught. Finally, it was confirmed as a new Pokémon via a trailer to be part of a tease for Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee.

The latest trailer released in the lead up to Meltan's release gives us some new lore for the creature. According to the new video, Meltan originate from a mysterious box, but... drum roll please... the box needs to be opened out in nature in order for Meltan to spawn rather than the box containing just a lump of metal. Additionally, after the mystery box is opened it will automatically close, and be unable to be reopened for a while, which is why Meltan haven't been seen since community day.

Additionally, according to a press release about Meltan, Pokémon Go players will be able to take part in special research task this winter in order to work towards capturing a Meltan. That said, this will not be the only way to get your hands on a Meltan, depending on which Pokémon games you play.

If you own both Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu or Eevee and Pokémon Go, by transferring a creature from Go to Let's Go for the first time, you'll receive one of these mysterious boxes in Go. Opening the box will allow Meltan to appear in the wild like any other Pokémon. After a while, the box will once again close, and you'll have to wait a period of time before being able to once again send a creature to Let's Go to reopen the box. The Meltan caught in Go can be transferred to Let's Go, which is how you'll get them in the new game.

It all sounds a little complicated, but basically you can get Meltan either by linking Go to Let's Go, or by completing a series of special research quests this winter. Also, the trailer above about Meltan in a person's home seems to imply catching multiple Meltan will allow it to evolve... watch this space.