Fortnite V6.02 Adds Previously Teased Quad Launcher and Disco Domination

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Another week, another patch for Fortnite. This one is V6.02 and the big tentpole additions are things we've previously seen teased by the daily news messages.

V6.02 in Battle Royale mode adds a new limited time mode called Disco Domination, which is all about taking control of dance floors around the map and dancing to earn points. Players will be split into two teams of 50, and will need to defeat all enemy players on a dance floor in order to start raising a disco ball for their own team (yes you read that right). Players will be able to respawn until the third-to-last storm circle, a twist on the usual Battle Royale rules.

There will be five dance floors on the map at a time, and having more players on your team present and doing dance emotes will help you claim the dance floor faster. Once the dance floor is controlled you'll earn points for your team until you either lose control of the dance floor or the storm circle moves, with the first team to earn 100% being the winner. The bar fills faster when the match is in later stages, which is intended to help teams lagging behind stage comebacks. You can't build on or over a dancefloor, but you can surround them with defences.

Beyond this new limited time mode, V6.02 adds the Quad Launcher, teased earlier this week. This new weapon fires four rockets in quick succession, and is available in both epic and legendary versions.

Lastly for Save the World players, there's the addition of the Noble Launcher, a charged-up energy weapon useful for taking out large crowds of enemies.

The update also includes a number of smaller fixes and balance changes, perhaps most notable of which is a fix on Xbox One to improve performance, which will result in a hefty 10GB update on that system. You can read the full patch notes here.