Dante Has a Jaunty Demon Hat in Devil May Cry 5

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Devil May Cry 5 was revealed at E3 this year, and when we got to play it at Gamescom the ability to fight by ripping off and deliberately exploding cool robotic arms was what caught the eye. A panel held at New York Comic Con has now revealed more about one of the odder weapons Dante's going to be able to play around with.

Faust was a demon in DMC 4, and was memorable largely because of the fetching hat and cloak he wore into battle. Seems as if Dante liked the look of that, because now Faust is a hat and cloak that Dante can make use of.

The hat appears to charge up with red orbs (that is, through killing enemies), and depending on how much it's absorbed will grant a bunch of cool demonic abilities: the video above shows a meteor storm being called down, what appears to be Dante firing red orbs out of his hands and, best of all, a hat-throw that either possesses or immobilises enemies (as there's only one in the demo footage, it's hard to tell which).

The panel also showed the reveal of Cerberus, a weapon with three different modes: ice nunchucks, a fire staff, or a lightning chain. Can't wait to get SSStylish with these!