More Books Should Be Made Into Video Games

By Tim Rogers on at

This week, Harry Potter fans screamed twice: first, upon the leaked video of an apparent open-world Hogwarts game in development, and secondly at JK Rowling, after she once again amended plot details of her series via a reply to someone else’s tweet. Gita loves Harry Potter, and drunk people used to yell “You’re a wizard!” at me on the street because my glasses were black and round, so there might not be two better people in this exact office building to yell about the current conversations surrounding Harry Potter, fandom, and video games on this week’s Kotaku XP. It’s like TV, except I’m on it!

At the end of this episode, we arrive at a question: What film or fiction franchise would you, the reader, most like to see translated into the language of Triple-A Open-World Video Game? I assume for many people younger than me the answer is Harry Potter. Though because I am apparently 800 years old, I personally would go absolutely bonkers for a retelling of the Chinese historical classic The Water Margin in the style of The Witcher 3. Oh! Also I want a The Count of Monte Cristo game, also in the style of The Witcher 3. Also, The Three Musketeers, in the style of The Witcher 3.

Wow. More books should be video games.