Fortnite Season Six is Titled 'Darkness Rises', Adds Pets, Makes More Changes to Loot Lake

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Rejoice Fortnite fans, Season six has finally arrived! The theme this time around is "Darkness Rises". The official trailer as of writing has received what appears to be a spurious copyright claim, but we've found a reupload for you to watch in the meantime.

First up, we've got a trailer for the new season pass, which once again costs 950 V-Bucks, and comes with 100 levels to progress through and over 100 new rewards. From the look of the trailer, new cosmetics seem to be themed around spooky scary Halloween creatures, with examples shown including a Werewolf skin, a creepy dark trench coat, an outfit that looks like you're riding a loot llama, as well as animals that live inside backpacks.

Season six of Fortnite adds pets to the game, which are a new type of backback design and will feature animals including a puppy, lizard or dragon popping up out the top of your bag. They seem to be cosmetic only, but are ruddy adorable.

Season six brings with it a new consumable item: Shadow Stones. It's looking an awful lot like smaller versions of season five's mysterious purple cube. These cubes are most often found around dark, corrupted areas of the map, and will temporarily transform your character into a shadow form, with buffs and drawbacks applied to them. In this state you become invisible when stationary, but you cannot use weapons until it runs out. When moving, you'll leave a shadow trail and be more visible than normal, but you'll get increased movement speed, jump height, and become immune to fall damage. If you press your primary fire button in shadow form, rather than use your weapon, you'll dash forwards in the direction you're facing, and can phase through solid walls or items. Lastly, the new state lasts 45 seconds, but can be cancelled early by holding down your aim down the sights button for a few seconds.

There's also a series of changes to the map, including the fact that the large island and house in the centre of Loot Lake now floats above the lake, and there's now a creepy haunted house with a disco rave taking place within it.

Beyond this, season six adds custom control remapping, allows players to matchmake based on controller type, storm circle timings have been made a bit faster. For Save the World mode players, a new heavy enemy type has been added which uses a fridge door as a sturdy shield to progress.

There's a bunch of other small fixes and tweaks in season six, which you can read about here. There's bound to be a bunch more changes in Season Six, but as of writing this story the game is still down for maintenance, so we can only talk about what's confirmed in the patch notes. As we learn of more Season Six changes, will will make sure to let you know.