Dragon Quest XI on Switch Will Be Called Dragon Quest XI S

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Dragon Quest XI: Echos of an Elusive Age, which released on PS4 and PC earlier this month, is due for a release on Switch some time in the future, but as of yet still has no release date. The Switch port was delayed due to issues getting it running satisfactorily, and while we still have no information on when it will arrive, we do now know a little more about what the Switch port will be like.

According to Gematsu reporting on a panel held at Tokyo Game Show, the Switch port will be titled Dragon Quest XI S, with the S standing for "Switch, Special, Shaberu (speaking), and Seiyuu (voice actor)".

Commenting on the Switch port's delay, series creator Yuji Horii stated that it would still be quite some time before the Switch version released.

When Dragon Quest XI released in Japan, it did so minus dashing and voice acting, features which were added to the English PS4 and PC releases of the game. The words "speaking" and "voice actor" in the meanings of S suggest that these features may well make it into the Switch version in Japan as well as the west.