The Best Cosplay From DragonCon 2018, One of the Biggest Nerd Shows of the Year

By Luke Plunkett on at

DragonCon, which was held between 30 August–3 September in Atlanta, in the US state of Georgia, isn’t just one of the biggest cosplay shows in North America, it’s now one of the biggest cosplay galleries we’ve ever run on this site.

Over 80,000 people went through the doors of multiple hotels in the area, to sit in on panels, meet friends, celebrate nerd stuff and of course admire the cosplay, which plays a big part in the DragonCon parade that rolls through downtown Atlanta.

We’ve got two galleries to feature here, one with a video and shots from Mineralblu, the other from photographer Anna Fischer. It’s all so, so good.

Cosplay by astonmartini_victorvoyeur

Cosplay by ridd1e

Cosplay by Cliff Cosplay & thewickedtailor

Cosplay by sid_garrand_nightmare_armor

Cosplay by hopingdreamer

Cosplay by ridd1e

Cosplay by Casual Assassin Cosplaybradleyspeed

Cosplay by oquinnchristian & revivibarton

Cosplay by kachoong

Cosplay by katiecosplays

Cosplay by dstephenson333

Cosplay by queenk.rool & ashefrosty

Cosplay by vibranium.cosplay

Cosplay by freddienova, wulfgarweaponswildkarde

Cosplay by wade.dubya.wilson

Cosplay by kawaiimayhem

Cosplay by baby_okoyes_mom

Cosplay by cepoole97, dstrackt, pins.snip.cosplay, chocobobuttcosplay & funscuttle

Cosplay by thelanisaz

Cosplay by dcblackgeeks

Cosplay by ebonywarriorstudios

Cosplay by vsgdee

Cosplay by ladykitzcosplay

Cosplay by hanecosplay

Cosplay by Propped Up Creations

Cosplay by marriedmakers

Cosplay by novachronum