The Latest Nintendo Direct Suggests SNES Controllers and Games are Coming to Switch

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As part of last night's Direct, Nintendo confirmed it is releasing new Switch controllers in the form of NES controllers, which can slide onto the Joy-Con rails to charge. This announcement made sense because NES games are coming to the Switch as part of Nintendo's online service.

However, the announcement of these controllers also seems to confirm that SNES games and controllers are coming to the system down the line. Around two weeks ago, at the end of August, Switch hackers managed to datamine Switch Firmware 6.0 a few weeks ahead of its release. While a lot of what was found was standard stuff, new character icons and taglines for Switch Online, one interesting find was some new controller icons.

These icons are used on the Switch to show what controller setup is the primary controller at the time for the system, and range from a Switch in handheld mode, to a single left or right Joy-Con held sideways. What was particularly interesting in this datamine is that hackers found icons for several new controllers not then supported or announced for Switch, including NES, Famicom, SNES, and Super Famicom controllers.

Last night, Nintendo announced that it would be selling NES and Famicom controllers for the Switch, which explains why those controller icons were included in the firmware. But what about the SNES and Super Famicom ones?

When asked for comment by Kotaku UK, Nintendo replied: "Nintendo does not comment on rumour and speculation," but, even in the absence of official word, it seems pretty obvious that the company has prepared to eventually release SNES controllers for Switch (which also means SNES games).

When? It's all guesswork but one clue may be that Nintendo's schedule for NES releases only lasts until early next year. No matter the time frame, it seems highly likely you'll soon be able to buy an official SNES pad for your Switch.