NES Games on Switch Need Weekly Internet, And Cloud Saves are Deleted if You Stop Paying

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Last night, as part of a Nintendo Direct, we finally got a little more information on Nintendo's online service on Switch, which will soon lock online play behind a small paywall, but in exchange will offer players cloud saves for some games, and access to a number of NES games.

In the day since the Direct, we've started to learn some of the specifics of how the service will function, and not all of the news is positive.

With regards to NES games on the Switch, players will need to connect their Switch to the internet at least once per week in order to retain access to their game library, as a method of ensuring gamers don't keep access to the games without an active subscription. This does however mean if you're planning to travel with your switch and go without an internet connection for over a week, you might run into problems.

On top of this, we learned that while Cloud Saves will soon be available for certain games on Switch, your saves will be forever deleted from the cloud if you stop paying for your online subscription. this is in contrast to the PS4 for example, where you can stop paying for PS+, come back to your subscription within six months, and still have all your saves.