Anime Crossover Fighting Game Jump Force Gets Yugi Moto as a Playable Fighter

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Bandai Namco's upcoming anime crossover fighting game Jump Force already had a lot of characters from unconnected series fighting together in a weird unified realistic art style. First it was Bleach and Dragon Ball, One Piece and Hunter X Hunter, now the game is getting characters from the fictional trading card battle anime Yu-Gi-Oh.

Announced via press release, Yami Yugi, the protagonist of the show's original run, will be a playable fighter. We've only got a single screenshot to go off right now, but one would imagine he's probably going to pull out cards and get monsters to fight his battles for him. I can't personally imagine Yugi sprinting into battle, leaping up and punching Goku with his own fists.

Jump Force is due out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One some time in 2019.