Spider-Man Has Some Quality Bugs

By Alex Walker on at

A fact of life for any open world game is bugs. Spider-Man has some good ones.

Given that Spider-Man has been pretty popular over the last week, people have been posting some cracking bugs. A lot of these might be corrected by the time you go through your playthrough, with patches 1.02, 1.03 and 1.04 all correcting various unmentioned issues.

Which is a shame. Because, honestly, the game is so much funnier when you run into shit like this.

The character models in particular seem to have been a bone of contention for the game. Not for the people playing, obviously.

And then sometimes you just have old fashioned clipping issues.

Ever wondered what the inside of all those skyscrapers were like?

user on Resetera even found a way to get past the Statue of Liberty and across to the low-poly city on the horizon.

There's a great thread on Resetera here, and people are posting bugs on Twitter, YouTube and throughout Reddit.