Fortnite Content Update V5.40 Removes Drum Gun and Switch Video, Adds Suppressed Assault Rifle

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Fortnite Content Update V5.40 is now live, and with it come a few additions, as well as a couple of key content and feature removals.

The newest weapon addition to Battle Royale mode is the Suppressed Assault Rifle. The new gun features significant recoil, but deals around 33 damage per shot landed, which should allow for some speedy kills if used properly. The gun is quiet and powerful, but requires thoughtful use.

However, V5.40 does remove the high capacity drum gun from the game, which will be a shame for folks who enjoyed the spray and pray method of gameplay.

In terms of content for Save the World, V5.40 adds the Field Agent Rio outfit, and new weekly horde challenges.

However, as detailed further here, V5.40 also removes a popular feature from the Switch version of the game, Video Capture support. Until now, holding down the capture button on the left Joy-Con would capture video of the last 30 seconds of gameplay, perfect for capturing footage of cool moments or Victory Royale wins, but the feature has been taken out citing performance issues.

There's a few other small tweaks, and if you're interested you can read the full patch notes here.