The Internet Reacts To Kanye West's Bizarre New Video

By Gita Jackson on at

Kanye West has a new song. It’s a lot.

Kanye has been having a year. He’s dropped an album, said that slavery was a choice, said that he’d like to have sex with his sisters-in-law, was the creative director of the Pornhub Awards, and now has a video that’s taking the internet by storm.

Let’s start with what we know. 1) This is a new song, debuted at the Pornhub Awards; 2) It features Lil Pump, of “Gucci Gang” fame; 3) It is extremely bad but the beat is hot; 4) It straight up looks like Roblox.

The internet has latched onto that last fact in particular.

Even Ye himself has acknowledged it:

The YouTuber Ramzoid also remade the whole song using only Roblox sound effects. It’s amazing.

There’s still a lot more going on in this video, which features the phrase “I’m a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck,” quite prominently, as well as the huge, weirdass suits.

If you need a palate cleanser now — I sure as hell do — please enjoy this video of Ye and Pump dancing to the Mii Channel Theme from the Wii. That’s how it is on this bitch of an Earth.