The Yakuza Team is Making a New Game About Japanese Lawyers

By Laura Kate Dale on at

For the past couple of years, we've seen a new Yakuza release every winter, with that game then getting localised for English audiences the following year. Apparently, this year that development slot isn't being used to release a new Yakuza game, but something else entirely.

Project Judge is a brand new game franchise from the Yakuza team, releasing in Japan 13th December 2018 and in the UK some time in 2019. The idea is you play a lawyer, tasked with getting out on the streets to evidence, ready to solve crimes and get your client the result they're after.

Project Judge will be playable at Tokyo Game Show, or you can download a demo right now on PS4 if you have a Japanese PSN account and an ability to understand Japanese.

The game looks pretty gorgeous, and I'm curious to see how much of the Yakuza games silly humour makes it over to a game about legal cases.