Supermassive Has 'Committed to Four Games' in the Dark Pictures Anthology

By Kim Snaith on at

In case we haven't quite mentioned it enough this week, Gamescom is in full swing. And while the rest of us are sat very comfortably in our office chairs, Laura is off doing the lord's work on the show floor in Cologne, chatting with developers and previewing the latest games.

This morning, she's spoken to Tom Heaton, a game director at Supermassive Games who is currently working on Man of Medan. Among other things, we've been very keen to learn more about the Dark Pictures Anthology, the horror series that Man of Medan is part of, and Tom was able to provide some interesting information.

"We've committed to four games," Heaton said. "Three are currently in development at various stages, and Man of Medan is obviously the first one."

The studio has already revealed that it hopes to release one title every six months, so presumably we'll get two titles in 2019, and two titles in 2020.

"We're committed to four, but there's plenty more to come if we want to do more," Heaton later said. He didn't give much information about what the other games in the anthology will be, but he did state that each is "based on one of the sub-genres of horror". He also said that the team has "identified 39 sub-genres", all distinct, with their own tropes. So basically, while Supermassive Games has officially signed up to do four games in the Dark Pictures Anthology so far, there are plenty of ideas for more games if necessary.

We'll have more about Man of Medan and The Dark Pictures anthology in due course. For now, you can read Laura's hands-on with the game for an idea of what to expect.