Dota 2 Adds Gabe Newell's Dulcet Tones

By Adam Wells on at

The International is full of high-stakes gameplay. Between the games there's skits, panel discussions and the occasional announcement. Announcements like a Gabe Newell mega-kills announcer probably doesn't have anything to say when a Triple Kill happens.

Announced as part of a skit during today's broadcast, the Gabe Newell mega-kill announcer pack is available to all Dota 2 Battle Pass owners. It is not a perfect announcer.

During the recording process, Newell struggled to come up with anything to say for a Triple Kill. It's almost as if Valve is self-aware.

The Battle Pass, which costs $9.99 (£7.70) includes a host of digital treasures to coat your Dota 2 heroes in particle effects. One of those treasures is GabeN's voice and it will be available in the next update.

Featured image: Getty Images