Lego Teases Upcoming Overwatch Sets

By Kim Snaith on at

They've been rumoured for a while, and today, the official Lego Twitter account has teased the upcoming Lego and Overwatch crossover. It's the biggest crosso... no? Okay, I'll not go there.

It's a very short and vague tease so far, giving very little away. There's a six second video that shows blueprint outlines of six minifigures, set against a backdrop of three images of Overwatch maps. Is the background significant? Will we get Lego sets of each of those locations? Who knows.

Since Gamescom is tagged into Lego's tweet, it's safe to assume that we'll find out more before Gamescom is over with at the end of this week.

We'll have more information as soon as it's available. For now, keep a close eye on the official Lego Overwatch landing page for when it finally updates.